2022 Heterogeneity in Computing Workshop
May 30, 2022

Welcome and Introduction: 9:00am – 9:05am EDT

Keynote Address: Laurent White, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

  • Abstract: Heterogeneous Computing for Scientific Machine Learning9:05pm – 10:10am EDT

5 minute Break: 10:10am – 10:15am EDT

Accepted Paper Flash Talks: 10:15am – 11:30am EDT

  • Heterogeneous Architecture for Sparse Data Processing, Shashank Adavally (University of North Texas), Alex Weaver (University of North Texas), Pranathi Vasireddy (University of North Texas), Krishna Kavi (University of North Texas), Gayatri Mehta (University of North Texas), Nagendra Gulur (Texas Instruments)
  • Combined Application of Approximate Computing Techniques in DNN Hardware Accelerators, Enrico Russo (University of Catania), Maurizio Palesi (University of Catania), Davide Patti (University of Catania), Habiba Lahdhiri (ESIEE Paris), Salvatore Monteleone (Niccolo Cusano University), Giuseppe Ascia (University of Catania), Vincenzo Catania (University of Catania)
  • Highly Efficient Alltoall and Alltoallv Communication Algorithms for GPU Systems, Chen-Chun Chen (The Ohio State University), Kawthar Shafie Khorassani (The Ohio State University), Quentin G. Anthony (The Ohio State University), Aamir Shafi (The Ohio State University), Hari Subramoni (The Ohio State University), Dhabaleswar K. Panda (The Ohio State University)
  • On Energy Nonproportionality of CPUs and GPUs, Ravi Reddy Manumachu (University College Dublin), Alexey Lastovetsky (University College Dublin)
  • Implementing Spatio-Temporal Graph Convolutional Networks on Graphcore IPUs, Johannes Moe (Simula Research Laboratory, University of Oslo), Konstantin Pogorelov (Simula Research Laboratory), Daniel Thilo Schroeder (Simula Research Laboratory), Johannes Langguth (Simula Research Laboratory, University of Bergen)
  • The Best of Many Worlds: Scheduling Machine Learning Inference on CPU-GPU Integrated Architectures, Rafail Tsirbas (Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas), Giorgos Vasiliadis (Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas, Hellenic Mediterranean University), Sotiris Ioannidis (Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas, Technical University of Crete)

Author Panel and Community Discussion: 11:30am – 12:00pm EDT