2021 Heterogeneity in Computing Workshop
May 17, 2021

Welcome and Introduction: 12:00pm – 12:05pm PST

Keynote Address: Roberto  Gioiosa, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

  • Abstract: Re-Imagining Hardware/Software Co-Design for Extremely Heterogeneous Systems: 12:05pm – 1:00pm PST

Accepted Paper Flash Talks: 1:00pm – 1:30pm PST

  • Video: Scheduling HPC Workflows with Intel Optane Persistent Memory, Ranjan Sarpangala Venkatesh (GA Tech), Tony Mason (Univ. of British Columbia), Pradeep Fernando (GA Tech), Greg Eisenhauer (GA Tech), Ada Gavrilovska (GA Tech)
  • Video: Coding the Computing Continuum: Fluid Function Execution in Heterogeneous Computing Environments, Rohan Kumar (Univ. of Chicago), Matthew E. Baughman (Univ. of Chicago), Ryan Chard (ANL), Zhuozhao Li (Univ. of Chicago, ANL), Yadu Babuji (Univ. of Chicago, ANL), Ian Foster (Univ. of Chicago, ANL), Kyle Chard (Univ. of Chicago, ANL)
  • Video: Providing In-depth Performance Analysis for Heterogeneous Task-based Applications with StarVZ, Vinicius Garcia Pinto (UFRGS), Lucas Leandro Nesi (UFRGS), Marcelo Cogo Miletto (UFRGS), Lucas Mello Schnorr (UFRGS)
  • Video: A New Double Rank-based Multi-workflow Scheduling with Multi-objective Optimization in Cloud Environments, Feng Li (Nanyang Technical Univ.), Moongi Seok (Nanyang Technical Univ.), Wentong Cai (Nanyang Technical Univ.)
  • Video: A Streaming Accelerator for Heterogeneous CPU-FPGA Processing of Graph Applications, Francis O’Brien (University of Toronto), Matthew Agostini (University of Toronto), Tarek Abdelrahman (University of Toronto)

Special Topic Heterogeneity for ML/DL Flash Talks: 1:30pm – 1:50pm PST

  • Video: Pooling Acceleration in the DaVinci Architecture Using Im2col and Col2im Instructions, Caio S. Rohwedder (UNICAMP, University of Alberta), João P. L. de Carvalho (UNICAMP, University of Alberta), Jose N. Amaral (University of Alberta), Guido Araujo (UNICAMP), Giancarlo Colmenares (Huawei),  Kai-Ting Amy Wang (Huawei)
  • Video: Adaptive Stochastic Gradient Descent for Deep Learning on Heterogeneous CPU+GPU Architectures, Yujing Ma (UC Merced), Florin Rusu (UC Merced), Kesheng Wu (LBL), Alexander Sim (LBL)
  • Video: Practice and Experience in Using Parallel and Scalable Machine Learning with Heterogenous Modular Supercomputing Architectures, Morris Riedel (Univ. of Iceland, Julich Supercomputing Centre), Rocco Sedona (Univ. of Iceland, Julich Supercomputing Centre), Chadi Barakat (Univ. of Iceland, Julich Supercomputing Centre), Petur Helgi Einarsson (Univ. of Iceland, Julich Supercomputing Centre), Gabriele Cavallaro (Julich Supercomputing Centre)

Author Panel and Community Discussion: 1:50pm – 2:30pm PST